Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society


SHH information and quote from President Chris Cholez. Infographic by Zach Salcido

   The ability to explore new societies and clubs is a benefit Highlands Ranch has. One of those societies happens to be Spanish Honor Society. The purpose of it? To expand and explore more of Spanish culture. A goal is to create a better understanding of Spanish culture between the United States and countries around the world.

   Matthew Lobojko, sophomore, said Spanish teacher and sponsor of SHH, Caroline Cate, has done a great job as a teacher and is having a great impact on the school. “Mrs. Cate is a really great teacher and it’s easy to see that she really cares about the culture of Spanish,” said Lobojko.

   The president of the club, Chris Cholez, said, “The club has had a very large impact in the community this year. We sold bracelets on behalf of the Pulsera Project, which allows different third world artists to profit in communities that they usually couldn’t, and we donated to the Segundo Barrio organization in Texas which teaches lower income kids how to read and play soccer.”

   Students who are a part of SHH also work not only locally but nationally as well. “The cool part about SHH is that we have a parent organization that allows students to take national Spanish exams to put on applications, provides scholarships for seniors, and allows students to be a part of a SHH magazine sent out nationwide,” said Cholez.

   The club also takes part in a project dealing with a non-profit organization that is designed to work with schools all around America. They work to create funding for schools and universities in Central America. Cholez said, “The main goal is always just trying to improve the community around us. We want to be more than just another club with another cord. We try to get as involved as we can with our limited number of members and always try to inspire those around us to never stop learning about the different cultures that make us who we are.”

Zachary Salcido, Online Editor