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Best gifts for Mother’s Day 2019


  Mother’s Day 2019 is approaching fast this year on Sunday, May 12. Besides the classic big hug and thank you card, it can be hard to find that perfect gift for mom that shows how much you really appreciate her. For a lot of mothers, it’s the heartfelt and homemade gifts they love the most.

  “It’s not really about the material stuff. I think the older you get and the older your kids get, it’s more the sentimental stuff that matters, “ said Deborah Lynch, social studies teacher. Although they love the homemade presents, there are certain gifts considered best for a mother that we all know she just can’t refuse.

  An extremely common but simple gift, flowers go a long way. Although they seem cliche at times, they’re the most “go-to” present for families everywhere. Beautiful spring colored bouquets can be bought at almost any King Soopers, for around $15 to $25. You can also buy her flowers she can eventually plant.

  Emily Muellenberg, social studies teacher, has a tradition with her sister and mom to always celebrate a “green” mother’s day. “We’ve almost always done something plant related,” said Muellenberg. Although it may not have always been flowers, Muellenberg and her sister would spend Mother’s Day gardening with their mom after buying her a plant of some sort. Now that they’re both moms themselves, Muellenberg and her sister keep the tradition alive by buying each other plants for this special day.

  Another great gift is a coffee maker or tea pot, as many mothers drink tea or coffee of some sort. The Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker on Amazon is a trendy fun gift, and happens to be 20 percent off right now at a price of $39.99. The Everything Zen tea pot, also available on Amazon, is also 20 percent off at $39.99, and a stainless steel infuser and a bamboo coaster are included.

  “I’ll get a nap, which is really appealing these days,” said Jenny Daily, biology teacher. With 4 kids at the ages of two, four, six, and eight, a coffee maker and some caffeine can come in handy for Daily and mothers with younger kids.

  A “spa day” that includes things like massages and pedicures can end up being the most relaxing and stress relieving gift for mom. Massage Envy offers a 60 minute massage session for $55, and a 30 minute rapid tension relief session for $34. Snappy Nails has a manicure starting at $15, and a pedicure starting at $25.

  Muellenberg’s little boys started a new tradition for her last year that included their own  homemade spa. “They put a mud mask on my face, they brushed my hair, they gave me a back massage. They had my feet soaking in warm water and they painted my toenails, and it was a mess but very cute,” said Muellenberg. “Not quite as relaxing as a real spa, but way more fun.”

  Taking mom out to eat somewhere nice or even making her a meal at home is one more heartfelt way to say thank you. Lynch, Muellenberg, and Daily all enjoy some sort of brunch or breakfast with their families on Mother’s Day. This could include an array of fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, waffles, muffins, parfaits, etc., in addition to those beautiful flowers she can enjoy while she eats.

  Because it can be difficult to find a great gift for your mom, you can never go wrong with something simple and from the heart. Whether its flowers, burnt eggs and rock hard muffins, or a homemade spa, in the end it’s the thought and effort that actually shows her how much you love and appreciate all she does.

Delaney Atchison, Staff Reporter

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.49.02 AM
Beautiful spring flowers that make the perfect gift for mom. Photo by Delaney Atchison.
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Best gifts for Mother’s Day 2019