HR baseball goes out of state


  Although it costs a lot of money, sometimes even over $1000, and you might not even leave the tournament with a winning record, traveling out-of-state for sports is one of the best ways to build up team chemistry.

When traveling out of state, the team is thrown into a completely new environment and is forced to adapt. Things such as having to travel in vans and bunking in rooms of 4-5 people seem to bring the team closer together.

When asked about the benefit of going out-of-state, Carter Reid, sophomore, said,“Being together as a team for so long you really get to know the guys around you.” You learn new things about your teammates that you might not have known before, things like finding out who snores the loudest or who takes way too long in the shower seem to just be part of the package when going out-of-state.

The HR baseball team just recently traveled to Arizona to play 4 games. The biggest takeaway I got from the trip is that communication is one of the most important things to have. This shows up on the field by helping you know the situation and what to do if the ball is hit to you.

The team went 1-3, but it is still hard to say we didn’t benefit from the trip. Starting 0-2, losing both games by 10, we were able to learn from the losses, and win 9-7 the next game.

“Even though we went 1-3, the trip was good in the way that we are more comfortable around each other now,” said Marlin Andrews, sophomore. Ending the trip with a tough 6-7 loss, the team is excited to get back in state and use the lessons we learned to help us with our league games.

Nathan Kuhta, Staff Reporter