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The pros of class registration


  It’s that time of year again, where students are dealt a yellow slip of paper and their credits, and they are told to start picking their desired classes for another year of early registration. And personally, I think registering for classes now is a great idea.

  Sure, many students would argue otherwise. Scheduling early is seemingly unessential to the students at this time. Nora Armstrong, junior, said, “Personally I think it’s a bad idea because you already have to deal with the transition of new classes into the second semester, but in addition you need to start thinking about what classes you need to take next year.”

  Not to mention it takes up a lot of time on the counselors’ behalf. Somer Hogan, counselor, said, “It takes a lot of time—counselors essentially do nothing but registration for two weeks in January.”

  So one may still be asking why this is such a good idea. Why is spending so much time on scheduling necessary? And why do we have to do it so early into second semester?

  Well, taking into account the size of our school (meaning around an average of 1,700 students), it will take plenty of time to decide who will schedule and when. Such as when seventh period English will register in the computer lab as opposed to third period.

  Aside from that, we also have to take into account the freshmen who are registering for the first time for sophomore year. They more than likely have no idea how to register, meaning counselors and teachers will have to help. ‘Type in the class, not the numbers’ and ‘less is more’ are common things that are said to new students.

  In addition, classes are determined by the number of students who register for, say, psychology. Once that class is full, students have to take an alternate course. All of this is mainly decided upon by the counselors, and as I said before, it takes up a large amount of time. And the amount of courses that we offer at HR also contributes to this fact.

  It may not exactly be beneficial or necessary to us students, but the amount of time we give the rest of the school helps a lot. It makes everything run a lot smoother the next year for not just the faculty and staff, but also the students.

Danielle Black, Staff Reporter


class registration visual
Hogan explains the pros to class registration. Graphic by Danielle Black
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The pros of class registration