Boys basketball destined for slam dunk


TK Hammond dribbles his way to victory. Photo Co. TK Hammond


TK Hammond dribbles his way to victory. Photo courtesy of TK Hammond

  Objectively, change raises doubt, especially when it is so drastic and the result of it is unpredictable. As eyebrows raise over how the varsity boys basketball team will perform this upcoming season, the group is preparing and adjusting nonetheless.

  TK Hammond, senior, who has been on the varsity team all 4 years, has seen seniors graduate year and year again. “Last season, we had key rockstar players like then-seniors Brendan Sullivan, Nahom Mesfin, and Adam Clark who demonstrated leadership,” said Hammond. In this upcoming season, the team will consist of 3 seniors total, compared to last year, where the makeup was predominately the soon-to-be graduates.

  Although most varsity sports rosters, boys basketball included, have been historically almost entirely seniors with 4 years of experience under their belt, the team doesn’t view that as a loss. “We have really outstanding juniors this year–they were consistent winners in middle school and on the junior varsity team, and they show potential,” said Shadron Nash, senior.

  One junior in particular is Konor Lathrop, who already has 1 year of varsity experience. “This season is going to be different, but I’m excited for what’s to come,” said Lathrop. “I think the team just needs to get more familiar with people’s playing styles, but it’s not bad so far.”

  It is equally important to be skeptical about who’s on the team, as it is how the team plays together, each person filling a vital niche to gameplay. Harmony in team sports is just as crucial as it would be to a band or orchestra. Since this year’s varsity team seems to be a group of juniors who have known each other’s strengths and weaknesses since middle school, lumped in with 3 seniors, it is hard to tell what is to come.

  So far this year, the team has played in 2 off-season tournaments and won both of them. If this foreshadows their season, one must say it’s going to be a successful one. When asked about how well the team has adapted, Nash said, “The team has better synergy each time we practice more together.”

  The first game of the year is scheduled to be vs. Smoky Hill on Nov. 28, according to MaxPreps. In the past, the boys team has been able to defeat this particular school, according to Hammond. Only time will tell if their legacy lives on for this season.

Ariana Teng, Staff Reporter