High school changes teacher’s life


  As a child who hoped to be deaf so she could escape the mean remarks of other kids, Andye Wolff, DHH teacher, turned to special education and deaf studies in college.

  Wolff didn’t have the best school experience, especially in high school.

  “School in California was very separated. It was very different from Ranch,” Wolff said. The kids were cruel and she missed a lot of school due to medical complications. Wolff’s experience in high school led her to stray away from teaching at a high school.

  “I was actually scared to come to high school to teach, but Ranch isn’t separated and it has a great environment,“ Wolff said, after talking about her first year at Highlands Ranch. She sees the students’ support and spirit grow each year and believes that this is going to be one of the best years yet.

  “If I do say so, I have the best team in the building, and we know the little things that make each other happy,” Wolff said. Her team, Deb Disner, Jen Godfrey, Susan Gobbo, and Kenny Walker, strive to provide a caring and safe classroom environment.

  “We are family,” said Jen Godfrey. They are always excited to gain new students and help them on their journeys.

  Wolff enjoys the company of her students and would do almost anything to see them succeed. She and her team do birthday celebrations for their students in order to give them a feeling of security and comfort. It also gives them something to look forward to. The environment in her classroom is happy and calm because of the small efforts they make.

  “I just love seeing them signing in the halls with smiles on their faces,” Wolff said. She has a great relationship with her students and seeing them happy is like seeing her own kids happy. In fact, she has already had two past students come visit her this year.

  Teaching at Highlands Ranch has moved her with its complete support and the overall feeling it creates. The kindness and care Wolff gives is her way of helping the spirit of Highlands Ranch thrive. Her hard past has molded her into the person she is today and her outlook on everything is with kindness.

  “You will be so moved by the energy the kids give to the kids (with disabilities),” Wolff said.”It’s just a good community.”

Carlynn Claypool, Guest Reporter 

Picture of Andye Wolff. Photo courtesy of Carlynn Claypool