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Brett Kavanaugh causes court room controversy


The pros and cons of the Supreme Court nominee

  Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice as of Oct. 5, was a controversial nominee. He is a father of two daughters and a graduate of Yale Law School. However, his credentials did not spark the debate, the sexual assault allegations did. Dr. Christine Ford, Harvard professor, testified that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. This testimony brought debate and eventually a Senate trial. His nomination was also a big deal because his conservative tendencies would replace the last moderate judge, Anthony Kennedy, making the court dominantly conservative.

The argument for:

  Kavanaugh has two Yale degrees and grew up in and around American politics. He knows how the system works. Kavanaugh worked with the George W. Bush administration and the justice department. Plus, he contributed 12 years of decisions on the federal appeals court. His experience proves he has the ability to be professional and efficient if he was to be selected on the court. Kavanaugh has promoted many women clerks and has a clean record professionally. Kavanaugh has the education to perform and the experience to succeed.

Student opinion:

  Ava Taylor, junior, said, “First, he has been practicing law his whole career, so he is very good at what he does. Second, he has clear focus when judging and doesn’t have a tendency to swing a certain way. Lastly, he handled the sexual assault case with poise, maturity, and confidence, and it shows he will do the same in court.”

The argument against:

  Even before the allegations, there were still some reservations about Kavanaugh. His history in decision-making showed to be inconsistent to past rulings. This made Senators such as Rand Paul hesitant, especially the few rulings dealing with the Affordable Care Act. While Kavanagh was on the short list, Rand Paul and other senators were advocating against him. After Dr. Ford came out and testified, many highlighted Kavanaugh’s poor decision-making in and out of the courtroom. According to the trials, Kavanaugh seemed to drink a lot in high school and the allegation showed sexual violence. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. Those on the court should stand as role models. If the allegations proved to be true, Kavanaugh is anything but a role model. Ford’s testimony made many question Kavanaugh’s character and his ability of having such power and influence.

Student opinion:

  Annika Reinker, junior, said, “I don’t think he should be a judge because you don’t respect his character. I don’t think that it is fitting for anyone that is accused of sexual assault, or any crime for that matter, to be considered for such an important position. There has to be a better person for the job.”

  After the trials, the Senate voted for an FBI investigation to take place. The short investigation consisted of interviews and background checks of those who were said to be at that party in the summer of 1982. After the trials and investigation, a vote was held in the Senate. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh passed 51-49 along party lines.

Noelle Harff, Social Media Editor

Juniors discuss the courtroom nomination in a heated debate. Photo by Noelle Harff

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Brett Kavanaugh causes court room controversy