“Ben Busche: the man, the myth, the legend”

Ben Busche: the man, the myth, the legend

  Ben Busche, now former security lead at HR, is one to be remembered by all of our HR students and staff. After over seven years of serving in our school’s security, Busche departed the school to pursue a new opportunity in late August.  


Busche on the job. Photo by Kyle Lynch


  It seems that Busche had a certain effect on just about everybody that knew him. He really knew how to interact with and support the students that needed it. Nolie Gerard, senior, said, “He always had my back and helped me out whenever he could.” Not one of the students interviewed had a bad word to say about Busche, which did not come as a surprise to those who really knew the man.      

  Not only did he affect us, but our school affected him in a positive way as well. Busche really enjoyed “getting to interact with the kids,” as well as expressing enjoyment towards “helping in any way I can.” Busche said that he really looked up to Jerry Goings, the former principal of HR, as Goings was there when Busche started his work at the school. Goings would show great support towards the security staff. Busche had also mentioned his enjoyment of working with Chris Page, principal, and said, “Page has really grown as a leader.”

  As anyone could imagine, Busche had a very interesting job at Highlands Ranch. Through the good days, and the bad, through thick and thin, Busche stuck by the students. He always cared for us, whether we realized it at the time or not. Now, Busche has left a legacy through those who knew him the best, especially his coworkers on the security staff. The whole team works to provide a sense of safety and security to those within the walls of our school and will continue to do so.

  So to wrap all of this up, I would like to say thank you to Mr. Ben Busche on behalf of all of Highlands Ranch High School, for everything that he has done to keep us safe and secure, as well as supporting us in any way he could and lifting our spirits. He gave us great conversations when we got bored during lunches or passing periods, and he gave us great laughs and smiles when we needed it the most. We always had a friendly face to greet us at the entrance, and that will continue, but the Falcon Spirit won’t be the same without Busche.   
Jack Dean, Staff Reporter