Spectrum All In for acceptance


  Spectrum by definition from Merriam Webster is “a continuous sequence or range.” At HR, Spectrum is a club who is accepting of anyone who identifies on the gender spectrum and offers a safe place for students to be themselves with no judgement. Spectrum held a social on Friday, May 11 to offer a place for kids who feel out of place to meet other people.

  Georgina Quintana, the supervisor of Spectrum, said, “The bottom line is, is that we want to make sure that the kids have some time and some way to get some social time with kids that are like them.” Being different can make it hard to meet people and make friends when they feel outcasted, so these socials are used as a way to let these kids feel “normal” and “accepted” for even just a few hours.

  80% of gay and lesbian youth have severe social isolation according to Do Something. With more and more kids beginning to identify with LGBTQ+, having events like the socials are a great way for schools to get involved with a certain student body and help them get involved.

   “A lot of the kids complain and they do feel isolated going to school functions because school functions are usually dominated by kids who aren’t like them,” said Quintana. Giving kids who feel out of place a special event for them can make them feel more noticed and having a special school function can make a more comfortable environment for those students to be in.

  HR’s school motto being All In, giving attention and equal opportunity to all students makes a stronger school community and offers a safe place for students to feel welcome.

Hannah Dyer. Online Editor

Spectrum students hanging out together and enjoying some food at the social. Photo courtesy of Abbi Kaplan