Denver’s best sandwich shop


  If you asked me what my favorite sandwich joint in Denver is, I would be lying if I said anywhere but Cheba Hut. Cheba is a marijuana-themed sandwich shop that “combines homegrown food with real people in a relaxed environment”, according to the Cheba Hut website.

 Cheba Hut has three sizes: nug, pinner, and blunt. Any of these sizes gives you a great amount of food. Mari L on Yelp said, “I got the G-13 on the garlic herb bread with all the fixings and the nug size was more than enough.”

 If the food wasn’t enough to win you over, their selection of “munchies” is excellent, ranging from homemade Rice Krispies, loaded nachos, and their signature Pretzel Nuggets. If none of those are your thing, they have a good selection of salads or their excellent Kool Aid.  

 With locations on Champa St, Colfax Ave, and Colorado Blvd, it never gets too busy.  Each of these restraunts has employees that are relaxed and very friendly. I would give Cheba Hut a five star review because, not only is the food amazing, but there is something for everyone.

Aidan Cox, Staff Reporter

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