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Life’s experiences teaches lessons

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Warren Berg poses for a selfie. Photo courtesy of Warren Berg 

  Warren Berg, a science teacher at Highlands Ranch High School, isn’t only a high school teacher but a person who has experienced lots of ups and downs in his life. Through experiencing his sister trying to take her own life and the aftermath of this situation from the pain he experienced, he has grown as a person.

  Berg grew up in Chicago, Illinois and had a sister named Leah Berg. When Berg was twenty and Leah was nineteen, she was forced to go to a college in Oregon. While she was in Oregon, Leah and her roommate got into an argument while Leah was going through a rough patch in her life. As Leah experienced this rough patch, she thought she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to overdose.

  It was Thanksgiving break when Leah overdosed. Berg had felt like it was his fault that she overdosed. “I felt like I pushed her where she didn’t want to go because she wanted to stay in state, but I pushed her to go to a school out of state,” said Berg. Once Leah attempted to kill herself, Berg talked to his aunt and uncle about everything that happened since he wasn’t as close to his parents at the time.

  After all this commotion went on, he realized that what Leah had done was “tried to fix what felt like a permanent situation when it only was a temporary situation,” said Berg. Leah didn’t take enough pills to kill herself, but she did take just enough pills that she had to be hospitalized.

  Berg experienced many emotions and worries at the time of this incident but it made him really look into life a little more. “ I realized that life is short and to appreciate everybody and everything,” said Berg.

  Since then Berg has incorporated this life of appreciating everybody and everything through his teachings in science.  Berg brings energy to his class by the way he interacts with each of his students. “Mr. Berg is always super energetic and because of this energy I look forward to learning each day,” said freshman Delaney Atchison. Berg brings his life experiences and incorporates them with his teaching to make learning fun.

  “Enjoy everyday and enjoy being with everyone,” said Berg.

Gianna Principato, Guest Reporter

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Life’s experiences teaches lessons