HR’s 3v3 basketball tournament


  Hard times have fallen upon one of HR’s own, Bobby Purify, special needs teacher. His 12 year old daughter has developed a bad brain tumor and is going through medical procedures.

  These procedures aren’t a cheap process and the Purify family appreciates all of the help they can get. “Participating in the 3v3 tournament is a great and easy way to help give aid to Purify’s family,” said Stathi Maniatis, junior.

  All of the money that is raised throughout the night of March 15 will go towards the Purify family. Anyone can sign up at the athletic window. It will be five dollars a person and each team will need to have four players sign up, but only three will be playing at a time. This is in case one of a team’s players gets hurt or doesn’t show up.

  Since it is that time of year, this tournament will be held in a March Madness style. Teams will be on single game elimination, and the team with the most fans will also win a prize.

  One of the students that helped organize this event is Dom Dakovich, senior. He will also be participating in the tournament with his team, Earth and Turf. “Since we are the Highlands Ranch High School, we fight everything together, Falcon family first. We want to see a lot of teams made for this tournament, so that we can raise as much money as possible,” said Dakovich.

  The tournament takes place from 3pm to 6pm in the gym. During this time, other activities will also be taking place. Whether you are participating in the tournament or not, you can try out in a push up contest, a three point contest, and a free throw contest. Each of those activities will cost ten dollars per person. T-shirts will also be sold for $10.

  Dakovich’s team consists of himself, Brelan Griffin, Matt Blackwood, and Brad Badell. Matt Blackwood, senior, said, “Our main goal is to walk away with the hardware, but we want to see every team have fun and play some good basketball to raise a lot of money for Purify’s daughter,”

  Dakovich said, “Good guys fight these fights together. I want to see a lot of people show up for a good cause. I know that Falcons can help Purify and his family fight this battle, so come to the basketball tournament.”

Kyle Lynch, Social Media Editor

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 8.06.32 AM
Dom Dakovich gives a behind the back pass to Brelan Griffin. Photo by Kyle Lynch