Touch down Tommy throws it away

Touch down Tommy throws it away

  The Patriots should win the Super Bowl as they were significant favorites in Vegas. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were supposed to win their 6th Super Bowl, more championships than any other coach/quarterback in the history of the game.  The Eagles are playing with a backup quarterback who almost retired in 2017.  Why was the game played? Just give the trophy to Tom and Bill and let’s watch “This is Us”!

  No one told the Eagles that they could win.  They came out aggressive and played flawlessly.  They led the whole game until 9 minutes to play when New England scored the go ahead touchdown.  The scrappy Eagles then marched down the field and scored a touchdown, but did they score too quickly?  Everyone knew that over two minutes and one time out was too much time for Tom Brady, being down by 6. Touchdown Tommy was sure to score.

  No one told the Eagles that they could win. The Eagles turned Touchdown Tommy in to Cry Baby Brady! Yes, Tom Brady fumbled and the Eagles recovered. Four plays later, the Eagles kicked a field goal to make the lead 8 points.

  Tommy had one more chance but he could not finish the job. The irony of the game is that Tom Brady dropped a sure Touchdown pass in the first half, which would have turned the game for the Patriots.  According to Boston in 2011, Tom’s model wife commented after the superbowl loss to the Giants, “Tom can’t throw AND catch the ball.” Well, sure enough, Tom could not catch this year either and the Patriots lost again!

  No one told the Eagles that they could win, but they did! Tom still made $80,000 after the game according to CNBC. After a tough loss, Brady is going to have to spend his off season with his supermodel wife in his mansion.

Noelle Harff, Staff Reporter

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Fun facts on the Super Bowl. Infographic by Noelle Harff