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Around HR, there are many people with different beliefs. As a student, you want to feel included in your school and find people who make you feel that way. Bonding with people that have something in common with you is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Bible study is a way for girls to get together in a safe and judgement free environment to talk about their beliefs. Sidney Smith, founder of Bible study, answered some questions about what Bible study really is.

Q: What is Bible study?

A: “Bible study is just a group where girls from HR can come together and just openly talk about  God and ask questions they have and it’s a place where you can just come as you are no matter what you believe or who you are and just be fully accepted without judgement and supported through a Christian fellowship.”

Q: When did you start Bible study and why?

A: “I started Bible study with my friend Grace Ventercek because we wanted to create a spot for girls to come as they are no matter where their relationship with God is and be fully accepted and to help build relationships with God.”

Q: What is your goal with Bible study?

A: “The goal of Bible study is to further everyone who comes with faith and to show everyone that God is worth having a relationship with no matter who or what you are.”

Q: When and where do you meet?

A: “What we do is basically hang out and talk a lot. We talk about what’s hurting us and what is good in our lives. It’s a really safe and vulnerable place, but at the same time, really fun. We meet most of the time at my house and sometimes we go to like a coffee shop or go get dinner or something.”

Q: Who all is welcome to be a part of Bible study?

A: “Any girl from HR, no matter what grade, is welcome. No matter what you believe about who you are or what you’ve done, everyone is 100% welcome.”

Hannah Dyer, Online Editor


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A lot of teenagers are quick to shy away from religion and these are just a few facts about non-religious teens. Graphic by Hannah Dyer