Daddy, stay home: Daddy’s Home 2 review


  Ahh, the holidays have come back around again, with plenty of festive cheer. And bad movies. “Daddy’s Home 2” is a sequel that was unneeded and unwanted, but money really moves people. The first movie was flimsy at best, but now apparently we need another.

  Basically, the first movie, “Daddy’s Home,” was about a stepdad and the biological dad trying to get their kids’ approval (wife is apparently ok with divorced husband and new husband hanging with the kids). The dads now have a decent relationship, so they take turns taking care of them. The plot of the second movie is the dads trying to get the kids to have a good Christmas in one house, rather than moving between the two parents. Yep, add in a lot of family drama crap and that is it.

  Then, to make matters worse, the two dad’s fathers come into the picture. These characters create unneeded drama, which could basically describe this movie as a whole. I am tired of pale humor being shoved down my throat, and characters like these chumps are not helping.

Movie poster for a very “meh” kind of a movie. Photo courtesy of

  “Daddy’s Home 2” was mainly full of stale laughs and forced humor. You would think having pretty well-known actors and a good sized budget would lead to a decent movie. Instead, it seems like they handed the script to an intern and told them to write a witty comedy with a bunch of gags meant for a PG movie.

  The first movie was released in 2015, with a budget of $50,000,000. Obviously it did so well in the box office (with a gross of $150,357,137) they made another in just two years. Who knows? Maybe this franchise will turn into “Star Wars” and make a movie every year.

  Overall, this movie seemed bland and just as bad as the last movie. Making a movie about Christmas during the holiday seasons does not give it a free pass. “Daddy’s Home 2” was just generally not fun to watch and very bland. You have the annoying kid characters, the basically useless wife, and the polar opposite grandfathers. So, I would not recommend wasting your money on this cash grab of a movie.

Jordan Rust, Print Design Editor