HR students sign up for their future

These students were unavailable for comment.

These students were unavailable for comment.

These students were unavailable for comment.
These students were unavailable for comment.
photoco:Ashley Larrison

     There are always students who are offered scholarships, just not right away at the beginning of the year. College bound with a scholarship is a huge opportunity for HS seniors. “There are three signings a year, the big one is always in February,” said Bruce Wright, HR athletic director. “There was a big turnout at the fall signing, probably the biggest turn out that there has been in years past,” said Wright.

     At the fall signing, there were five students who signed: Zach Braxton, Taryn Calori,  Emily Childress, Gabi Liedy, Ciera Morgan.

     Emily Childress, an HR senior accepted a basketball scholarship to Fort Lewis because she felt it was a better fit for her and she liked the campus a lot. Childress would like to be able to make it to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) tournament with her team.

“The experience has been nothing but amazing,” said Childress. “I’ve gotten so much support from friends, family, coaches, and future teammates. I just can’t wait to be a Skyhawk!”

     Students have to maintain certain grades so they can participate in sports. If grades are not met to the certain “quota” they may not be able to participate in the game until their grades come up.

“I think it is outstanding that we have kids who work really hard, not only at their particular sport, but they also have to be good students for the school they are going to,” said Wright. “I think it’s a testament on how hard they work, on the field and in the classroom.”

      Zach Braxton, HR senior is going to be attending Weber State for basketball because he loved the coaching staff and really enjoyed the team and the school when he went and visited. Braxton has more plans other than just basketball; “ I really want to get an MBA from the Goddard school of business and I also want to be a part of a team that makes an appearance in the NCAA tournament,” said Braxton. “It has been a very rewarding experience and I feel blessed to have been able to be apart of the recruiting process.”

 Ashley Larrison, editor-in-chief