Badminton club prepares for the future

Badminton club prepares for the future

  As the school year comes to an end, the badminton club is able to happily look back at the things they’ve done this year.  They also have high hopes and a lot of excitement for the changes that are yet to come next school year.

 “I can proudly say that I can look back at our accomplishments this year and smile because of how much fun we’ve had playing this sport together,” said Christine Commercon, badminton club head leader.  

  Every Wednesday and Thursday, badminton club has been meeting after school to play badminton. “We usually play two on two, but sometimes it’s fun to play one on one,” said Cameron Baird, member of badminton club.    

  The biggest change from this year to next year is that the club leader, Christine Commercon will no longer be in charge because she will be graduating this year.  Next year, Cameron Baird, sophomore, and Ashlynn Piwowarczyk, sophomore, will be taking her place.

   “This year has been pretty laid back for the most part,” said Commercon. “We haven’t had a chance to get competitive with other schools, so that’s something we’re hoping to change next year. However, we’ll probably need more members in order to support an actual team.”

  Although badminton club has had a laid back year, they are happy with everything that they’ve done and look forward to the changes to come.

Paige Martin, Staff Reporter

Badminton club poses for a picture.  PhotoCo:Cameron Baird