Diving into the books for finals


  Studying for finals can be hard, I know. Trying to figure out what curriculum to study for each class, how you’re going to remember everything, how to know if you’re even studying the right thing, and so on. Now don’t sweat it because we all have been there at some point; it’s not just you. So here are a few tips on how to efficiently study for finals. Good luck!

  Tip 1: One great way to study for finals is to create a format that works for your own self. According to college.usatoday.com, quizzing yourself is a great way to help remember important information. You can create flashcards to help yourself study, and if flashcards aren’t your thing, you can try other things like Quizlet. Everyone has different ways of remembering information, so do whatever helps you the most.

  Tip 2: Another helpful way to study for finals, is to go out and find yourself a study buddy, not an academically challenged one. Once you find your study buddy, you can both pick a subject and write separate study guides for that subject. Once you’re done putting together your study guide, get together with your study buddy and quiz each other. According to Princetonreview.com, if you create your own review sheet and quiz each other, you are less likely to miss something important.

  Tip 3: This may sound a bit cheesy, but turning all your boring information into your favorite song is surely not going to have your mind blanking during the test. According to princetonreview.com, if you pick out all of your key information, like dates or formulas, and put it to your favorite song lyrics, having them put to a good beat will definitely help you remember all the pointless junk that teachers make you memorize that you’ll never use later in life.

  Tip 4: Now, in all seriousness, let’s not try and ignore the fact that studying for finals makes you so stressed out, that you feel like ripping your hair out. So, here’s the solution: college.usatoday.com suggests that to help manage anxiety and stress levels, listening to calming music, stretching, and heavy breathing will help keep stress levels down and release negative thoughts. So go out and kick your anxiety in the butt.

Tip 5: Last, but surely not least, stay positive. If you believe you can study great and get through finals, you’re gonna make it, but if you think you’re gonna take the L, you’re definitely gonna crash and burn. So good luck on finals, and let’s hope you don’t lose too much hair in the process.

Hannah Dyer, Online Editor

How to Study for Finals
Picture of homework. PhotoCo: Hannah Dyer