The gift of music at HR


  A day-dreaming teenager sits in silence as the teacher continues to endlessly lecture. He wonders, ‘How can I get movin’ in my career? Why should I have to wait until graduation to make something big of myself?’ That is until he discovered something new and great being brought into the school.

  For many students here at Highlands Ranch, music is a huge part of our lives, whether we listen to it, produce it, or plan to produce it. Lucky for us, the school is meeting a few needs of the students through the gift of music. The ACE room on the second level of the school, taught by Bas Wolf, has decided to produce a recording studio for aspiring musicians.

  One student that is helping to turn the dream of a recording studio into a reality, with the studio being a school project of his is junior at HR Zach Krumpton. He said, “It provides access for kids who aspire to make music, yet don’t have all the equipment, to follow through with their aspirations.”

  Krumpton himself has had experience with music and performing, as he has performed in at least 2 fairly well-known concerts in Colorado. With this experience, Krumpton wants to make it easier for young musicians like himself to take their career to the next level through recording.

  In regards to the amount of use Krumpton expects the studio will receive, he said, “Hopefully it’ll be used often, maybe multiple times a week.”  

  The studio will be available for anyone who is wanting/ready to use it, including individual musicians, the school choir, musical groups, and many more.

Jack Dean, Guest Reporter  

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Data randomly collected from HR students. GraphicCo: Jack Dean