HR takes the South Pacific



  Every year a group of students and teachers led by Bob MacArthur, science teacher, go on a trip to various countries to see and about learn different cultures. This year, students will travel to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. Usually these adventures involve seeing lava flows, auroras, and even starry nights, but what happens when you get Adria Herscher, choir teacher, involved?

  Herscher and MacArthur came up with an idea of making an epic trip that combines music and science. On their stop to Australia, they get the opportunity to take a tour of the Sydney Opera House. Herscher said, “I think going to the Sydney Opera House could help me, and my choir students who are going, experience different types of languages and how they can sound like in a performance.”

  Many students on the trip are looking forward to the Sydney Opera House, but Amara Alland, senior, seems most excited. Alland said, “I’ve dreamed about going to the Sydney Opera House all my life; I was always told that you haven’t lived until you’ve seen it in person.”

  This trip gives students and teachers opportunities to learn and experience new things out of the country. Herscher said, “I’m hoping to see the culture and language of the different countries, and maybe learn some folk songs that I can teach for next year.”

  Not only does this adventure involve learning experiences, but it gives graduating seniors a chance to say goodbye to high school. Caroline Cammelot, senior, said, “I’ve never been on a high school trip before and I hope to travel abroad in college, so this is a good cap off as well as a great beginning of travel for me.”

  This trip to the South Pacific is on June 6th and ends on June 17th.

Tristan Garner, Staff Reporter   

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Drawing of Highlands Ranch students going to Sydney, Australia. GraphicCo: Lexi Crea