Students driven by faith

Students driven by faith

  Here at HR, there are an overwhelming amount of clubs. This is good because it caters to many students so everyone has a place. One of these clubs is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  FCA is a club that meets every Friday morning before school in the choir room. “We play games, get to know people, and have fellowship with others,” said Brittany Kerr, senior, who has been a member of FCA for all four years of her high school career. “We spend a lot of time hanging out and getting to know people as well as spreading the love of God.” The club is sponsored by Michael Wood, science teacher, and Jon Cushing, art teacher.

  For many students, FCA is just a fun way to hang out with friends and spread the word of God. “My favorite part is just having the opportunity to glorify God in a place where worshipping Him doesn’t happen a lot,” said Sidney Smith, sophomore. Smith has also enjoyed the club for her entire high school experience so far.

  For many students, it is a fun opportunity to get involved. “One of my favorite parts is getting to be a light for our school and for underclassmen and showing them that no matter what you believe it is important to stay true to yourself and tell others,” said Kerr. “I also love the atmosphere it has brought and all the people I have met through it. FCA is a place where anyone is welcome and that sense of community is so important in a big school.”

  One important thing to know is that you don’t have to be an athlete or a Christian to join the club. If you are curious, or just want to meet new people, FCA is a great way to do that and find a place here at HR.

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Lexi Crea, Social Media Editor