Planning an extraordinarily pink surprise


In the crowded halls of HR, there was a party for a girl by the name of Lily Veria. Her mother, Mary Elfers, art teacher, will be expecting her March 21st. As a result of this, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) members of HR, decided to throw a surprise baby shower for her.

The celebration continued in the ceramics room. The students in charge of the event, Isabelle Rios, senior, current NAHS officer, and Tala Obeid, junior, and future NAHS officer, were the most excited.

“Isabelle and I were both super phsyched to plan and throw the baby shower,” Obeid said.

The formulation of the baby shower started Tuesday March 7th and was continued early Wednesday morning. NAHS officers planned the event to happen on the morning of the club’s monthly meeting. Members were asked to come to the school at 6:45am.

“We thought she deserved this,” Rios said. “We were hoping that there were going to be more members, but we understand that it is early and some people couldn’t make it.”

The members decorated Elfers room pink. Officers even asked other members to create origami baby shower items. Some members created booties, while others created onesies.

“It was a fun way to decorate and it was nothing too complex,” Obeid said. “We wanted to do something that all members can participate in, so we decided a 5-10 min activity would be good.”

Later, once the room was decorated, all the members turned off the lights and hid behind the tables in the room. They all waited in suspense until Elfers walked in.

“In all honesty, I thought I got flocked; it was so pink,” said Elfers.

After NAHS members said congratulations, food and drinks were provided by Rios and Obeid. While the celebration was only for 30 minutes, it was enough time to bring a smile to Elfers’ face. Elfers said gleamingly, “It made me feel very loved and supported. I loved how everyone in NAHS was so dedicated to making this happen for Lily and me; I can’t thank them enough.”

Students can sometimes take their hard- working teachers for granted. NAHS found a good way to give back to a teacher they love. Obeid said, “Teachers put a lot of effort into teaching, so we should do something in return. We need to show that we are thankful for all the time and effort they give to us.”

Isabel Barrios, Guest Reporter

Elfers showing off her origami gifts and pink decorations. PhotoCo: Isabel Barrios