Q & A With Ryan Woodworth


PhotoCo: Aidan Cox

Imagine the nervous excitement you would feel as you wait for the conductor to begin and you place the violin on your shoulder and raise your bow. Have you ever wondered about joining orchestra? The Chronicle sat down with Ryan Woodworth, director of orchestras, to find out information on how to get involved with orchestra.

Q:How do you get in to orchestra?

A:“You can talk to me and I will set you up or you can go and sign up on your class list.”

Q:If I want to learn how to play, what can I do?

A:“Overture is a class for students that have no or very little experience.”

Q:What instruments are in orchestra?

A:“Orchestra is made up with string instruments like violins.”

Q:If I have been playing for many years what can I do?

A:“Well, there are two other classes. We have the Chamber Orchestra, which is a tryout only class. The other class is the Symphony Orchestra, which anyone can join, but it is recommended to have at least one year of practice.”  

Q:When are the tryouts?

A:“They are in February.”

Q:If i missed sign up, what can I do?

A:“ If you are really interested in learning an instrument, then you can talk to me, and I will set you up with one of our students who have been playing for a long time.”

Aidan Cox, Staff Reporter