The HR girls swim team dives into state


  On Friday, February 10, and Saturday, February 11, the HR girls swim and dive team participated in a statewide swim competition that would be the last swim meet of the season.  On the 10th, it was prelims, which is where the girls compete and the top 16 fastest swimmers progress onto finals.  On the 11th, it was finals.  

  Seven girls, Bryce Johansen, Grace Mortimer, Savanna Liedy, Aimee Burton, Dani Roney, Carmen Nollsch, and Keely LaRiviere, qualified to participate in prelims and three of those girls, Dani Roney, Aimee Burton, and Grace Mortimer, along with two of the relay teams, made it to finals.  

  Kyri Chambo, the only diver on the team, received second place overall in the finals.  “It felt amazing to accomplish something like that when I’m only a sophomore.  It’s good to know that the hard work is paying off,” said Chambo.

  Throughout the years and this year especially, the team has been improving in how they do in this specific swim meet.  “Overall, it was a really good meet for us, and the past couple years we haven’t done as well; we’re a growing team.  My freshman year, we only had relays going to state, we didn’t have any individuals, and this year we had two of our relay teams and three individual girls make it back to finals,” said Mortimer, junior.

  “The big thing was we moved down to 4a, which has easier qualifying times, so we were able to qualify a lot more girls,” said Kaitlyn Jackson, swim coach.

   Roney, sophomore, said, “State was a blast and I think it was a great way to really bring the team together.”

Paige Martin, Staff Reporter

The HR state swim team at a park. PhotoCo: Lisa Mortimer