Dylan Davis signed to University of Massachusetts


Dylan Davis 2019 Defense (1).jpg
Dylan Davis warming up. PhotoCo: Lance Wendt

Dylan Davis is a sophomore HR varsity lacrosse player who got signed to the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s division 1 lacrosse team on November 17, 2016.

  In 2006, the UMass men’s lacrosse team beat Virginia who was ranked No. 1 15-7. The school had a winning season of 13-5. According to umassathletics.com, this was the team’s most successful season. The Minutemen had made great plays during this game and was scoring goal after goal. 

  Davis has been playing lacrosse for 7 years and was influenced to play by his father who has coached lacrosse for 27 years. Davis plays defense and has 51 ground balls and 37 takeaways. “My son has been involved in lacrosse since he was a baby. His father is a lacrosse coach and he’s been on the field helping out with practice and playing with his lacrosse stick since he was very little and it’s been a dream of his for a long time,” said Heather Davis, Davis’ mom. 

  “My goal is to be the best of the best,” Davis said. “I think there’s been stepping stones that I’ve gotten to, but I haven’t achieved my goal because you can always improve.” Davis worked hard to get where he is now. He had goals and strive to get better. “My son has more heart than most people I know and he was not born an athlete. He willed himself to become an athlete through perseverance and hard work. He had our playground in the backyard and he would tie lacrosse gloves to the tire swing so that he could stand out there and practice doing his checks in the gloves for hours. He would go outside with his bounceback wall and would just throw and catch against the wall for hours. He would take ladders that you see athletes use on the ground in our front room and he would just run his feet through the adders over and over and over until he could get his footwork. He got faster, he got stronger, he got more confident. Anytime there was a clinic he could go to that he could learn from professionals he begged us to go. He was trying to strive to make himself better so he went from being a kid who was not your typical athlete to turning himself into the athlete he is today. I am so proud of him,” said Heather. 
  The UMass lacrosse coach, Greg Cannella, personally went to coach Matt Bocklet to recruit Dylan. Both varsity coaches have assisted Dylan to getting to this point. “I have really good coaches and they help you get to the level you want to get to,” Dylan said.  

Ashley Miller, Staff Reporter