Monster trucks steers into theaters



  Released on January 13th, 2017, the movie “Monster Trucks” is considered by some reviewers as a bad film to start off the new year. However, I believe the opposite: this movie is something worth seeing. This is for the reason that it’s different from anything else I’ve seen before.

   The title “Monster Trucks”says it all: it’s about trucks that are actually controlled by monsters. These monsters are creatures that are able to drive cars. They do this using their tentacles to control the movement of the vehicle. 

  The movie focuses around the two main characters: Tripp, a boy who feels trapped and wants a car to get away from it all. Then there’s Creech, who is the monster and soon to be engine for Tripp’s car.

  Discovering the abilities Creech has, Tripp is amazed at all the freedom this strange monster could do for him. But, when Tripp realizes that the oil drilling company is after Creech, he realizes he must do everything he can to protect him. Going on this crazy journey, Meredith, a girl from Tripp’s biology class, decides to tag along.

  Meredith really helped out Tripp when he was redesigning his car, so it would be compatible with Creech. She let him use her garage, which contains all these parts he needs to enhance his truck. Then, using the car, Creech and his two human friends go on an adventure to find Creech’s family, who was taken by an oil drilling company called Terravex.

  According to Paramount Pictures, the movie was only supposed to make around eight to ten million during the first four days it was in theaters. That’s not a lot of money when the cost to make the movie was a hundred and twenty five million dollars. Chad Yagey, member of AMC fim crew, shared his thoughts on the film. “I rate the movie 5 out of 10 stars. It’s not my interest, but I can watch it,” Yagey said.

   Directed by Chris Wedge and written by Derek Connolly, the movie was being filmed in 2014 and was supposed to have come out in May 2015. According to Wired, it ended up being postponed until this year for reasons such as members leaving Paramount Productions and for various other unknown reasons.

  Although I liked the film, and how there was a happy ending, there should have been less scenes based around Creech drinking oil. We get it- that’s what he eats; after a while, it gets boring. What they should have added is more challenges when it came to rescuing Creech’s family.

  Everything seemed to go pretty much as planned. I strongly believe that the movie would get more great reviews if there was more complications for the characters to deal with, adding more action other than driving scenes to this film. They at least should have made Tripp more freaked out by Creech; he seemed to get used to him way too quickly. It’s not everyday you find out oil-drinking monsters exist.

  But despite what they didn’t add the movie is still decent to watch. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 56% liked the movie, which is a higher number than the number of people who didn’t like the movie.

The film is intended for ages seven and up.Not everyone is going to like it, but don’t check “Monster Trucks” off your list of movies to see. “Monster Trucks” may have a generic name, but it just might take over the theaters, despite those who frowned upon it.

Sara Kinnersley, Staff Reporter



“Monster Truck” movie poster including information about the movie. PhotoCo: Sara Kinnersley