Photo story of homecoming week


Cody Deneui, sophomore PhotoCo: Hannah Dyer

  Homecoming week is the time to show how much school spirit you really have and this is the time to for you to dress up and have fun the week leading up to homecoming.

  Monday- Hawaiian day

Kyler Goslee, sophomore

Rachel Watson, sophomore and Kayleigh Fuller, sophomore

Cydney Jardine, senior and Jack Burritt, senior

  Tuesday- Watersports

Cody Deneui, sophomore

Caden Lone, freshman

Cydney Jardine, senior

  Wednesday- Spongebob day

Photo 7: Vicki Russo, sophomore 

Photo 8: Lexi Brooke, sophomore and Mary Bell, sophomore 


  Thursday- Pirate day

Maggie Burks, junior

Christopher Landeck, sophomore

Seth Howard, junior 


  Friday- Falcon Freak out

Eiseec Wong, senior and Katherine Pettet, senior

Makenna Peters, senior

Mikayla Johnson, freshman

Mr. Page, principal and Megan Robertson, senior 

Hannah Dyer, Online Editor