How a New Yorker became a Falcon

How a New Yorker became a Falcon

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David Wexler has been teaching at HR for 20 years. PhotoCo: Brooke Prichard

HR Falcons come from many different places whether it’s from another state, a nearby town, or even further past the seas. HR English teacher, David Wexler, came to Denver after moving from New York when he was younger. Although at first, Wexler came to Colorado with goals of working as a lawyer, Wexler eventually found himself teaching at Highlands Ranch for twenty years.

  While Wexler made it clear that he loves working at HR, he explained the switch he faced moving from New York to Colorado was difficult. Wexler grew up in New York until after college and had become used to the city life. Wexler attended law school in New York, pursuing his first career choice of becoming a lawyer. “I came here because I was offered a summer job at a law firm,” said Wexler.

  After a few years of working for law firms, Wexler decided that being a lawyer wasn’t for him anymore.

  “I put in a lot of time and energy into becoming a lawyer. It was hard to leave that,” he said.

  After two years of debating his career path, Wexler figured out he wanted to go back to school to get his degree to teach. Wexler graduated from the Teacher Education Program at the University of Denver and applied for a job at HR.

  “It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do – other than be a lawyer,” Wexler said.

  After a process of deciding what career to pursue, Wexler came to decide he wanted to become a teacher. Pursuing his career choice, Wexler taught at HR for twenty years and has never taught at a different school.

  Many students at HR have claimed that they are happy with Wexler’s decision to become the teacher he is today, including Natalie Balkovatz, sophomore at HR.

  “Wexler is a great English teacher who really helps students grow and cares about each individual student and their well being,” said Balkovatz.

Brooke Prichard, Guest Reporter