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“Boettcher” money on these HR scholars


   The Boettcher Scholarship is awarded to 42 students in Colorado. Just like many other things that you can apply for, there are semifinalist and finalist rounds to narrow down the  number of possible winners. This year, there are 100 finalists eagerly waiting to finish the final round of application for the scholarship and see who the elite 42 recipients are.

   At HR, there are two of those 100 finalists, Paula Pulido and Ilana Hayutin, who are also waiting on the final results.The winners will be announced the week of March 18th.

   “The process starts out with about 1,800 applicants throughout the state of Colorado on average. Then it’s narrowed down to about 400 semifinalists and then 100 for the finalists. After that, the 42 winners are announced. The fact that we have two finalists is really exciting,” said Yana Bourdelais, counselor.

   The Boettcher Scholarship may seem like it’s based purely on academics, but it focuses more on impacts on the community. “To be a finalist you don’t have to be the number one student in the class, but you have to have done something pretty amazing to help others and contribute to our community,” said Bourdelais.

   The Boettcher Scholarship also has lots of perks that comes with it. The scholarship includes full tuition, full room and board, and you also get all of your books and fees paid for. “Basically, it’s a full ride to any in-state college,” said Hayutin. “If I do get the Boettcher scholarship, it’s going to change my life drastically.”

   In addition, the scholarship also places you in a very special group. “It makes you a part of the Boettcher community of Boettcher candidates and alumni. You have a networking support system for the rest of your career,” said Bourdelais. “They’re not looking for a list of things that you can do, they’re looking for a specific personality of Boettcher Scholars, because it’s a family. You’re going to be a Boettcher Scholar for the rest of your life,” said Hayutin.

   Because it’s such a big scholarship, it seems like it takes a lot to even think about applying for the Boettcher, but Paula Pulido thinks it mostly comes down to one truth: “You have to go after your passions and take them as far as you can. I don’t think that this scholarship is about building up your resume. For me, I only really do what I love, and it’s helped me. I think that’s the reason that I’ve gotten this far,” said Pulido.

   Are you interested in applying for the Boettcher? There are many people who are eager to help you and offer some advice. “I would love to help anyone out or talk to anyone who wants to apply to the scholarship next year,” said Pulido.

   “Anyone who wants to challenge themselves can try for the Boettcher scholarship. There’s also other programs that we can help you find that can still get you great scholarships for college,” said Bourdelais.

Kaylee Kirkwood, Staff Reporter

The stages of applying to the Boettcher Scholarship. GraphicCo: Kaylee Kirkwood


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“Boettcher” money on these HR scholars