Girls swim dive into a great season

Girls swim dive into a great season

  HR’s girls swim and dive is making a splash, from last week’s win against Ponderosa by a score of 211-105. To last  meet against ThunderRidge with a score of 164- 142.  ” I think after today, the girls gained more confidence and would continue to improve themselves upon further meets”, said coach Andy Farmer. Working as a team to continue to beat the other schools. “I believe that we need to continue to support each other a lot more, and be more positive,” Alyssa Redford, senior.

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Meet against ThunderRidge on 12/10 PhotoCo:Bruce Wright

With the win from varsity there are still improvements the girls need to face. “Most of the issues we had was conditioning but I think with more practices and experiences, we won’t have that many mistakes,” Farmer said. The girls have been undefeated so far and want to continue to keep that streak going. “ I think as long as everyone stays positive, and shows up to practice, we’ll have a good shoot winning more meets,” Cydney Jardine, junior said.

The girls have been doing the best they can, due to having a coach that pushes them as well as supports them. “Andy is a really good coach! He supports us, understands us, pushes us, and punishes us when necessary. Exactly the kind of coach that we need!” said Jardine.

  Watch your girls swim and dive when they take on Castle View January 8th, at 4 pm at Castle Rock Community Recreation Center.