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HR Grads, where are they now?

Class of 2014 PhotoCo: Ashley Larrison
Class of 2014 PhotoCo: Ashley Larrison
Class of 2014
PhotoCo: Ashley Larrison

Ever wonder what previous HR grads are up to these days? What careers do they pursue?

Brian Domokos, an English major, formally a theatre major, graduated from HR in 2001. “I had chosen my college based on it having a strong education and strong theatre program.  After some frustrations in the theatre, I decided I’d become a teacher,” said HR English teacher Domokos. “I was strong in many subjects, but I thought that English gave me the best chance to talk about life and big issues with my students.  The way literature helps us discuss life, truths, and deeper everyday relevant stuff helped me become an English teacher.” Class of 2014, “Don’t believe lies from yourself, from society, from your friends, from your family,” said Domokos. “Find Truth, seek Truth with all your heart, mind, and energy.  Put Truth as your foundation.”

Floyd Pierce, class of 2013, is studying to become an Environmental Engineer at Colorado University at Boulder. He received the Boettcher Scholarship and that gave him a full ride scholarship to CU Boulder. To get where he is now, he took 14 AP classes. That was enough to get him college credit and allow him to take on a second major, economics. “I took AP human Geography, and Ap Physics. Those were the two classes that helped me prepare most for my majors,” said HR graduate Pierce. Class of 2014, “My advice is to keep your options open about what college you want to attend,”said Pierce. “Pick the college that you think you would be happiest at.”

Chenenile Haynes Norasaeng, class of 2001, went to Denver University, and received a degree and masters in business. She is the CEO of DreamWise Marketing Solutions, which is a small full service marketing firm here in Denver. “DreamWise was originally DW Mail, a business my parents started while I was in high school. I worked in the business all through high school and really loved it,” said Chenenile Haynes Norasaeng.”  “While I originally wanted to be a teacher, during my second year of college I realized that I enjoyed business more and got a degree and masters in business.” Class of 2014, I would encourage all of you in the class of 2014 to do what makes you happy, but not at the expense of others happiness. Be kind, work hard, and enjoy your twenties. They go by too fast!

Kelsey Gaddis, class of 2013, is considering occupational therapy. “I’m only 19 so I don’t have it locked down yet, which, by the way, is completely fine. I know seniors who still don’t quite know what they want to be ‘when they grow up,’” said Gaddis. “I took an intro speech and hearing class that was really interesting and I loved it, but it made it pretty clear that speech language therapy was not the right choice for me.” Class of 2014, “It’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do yet,”said Gaddis. “If you have an idea, that’s great! If not, don’t worry about it. A lot of people go into college not knowing what they want to do with their lives, and that’s understandable. We’re still children; you’ll figure it out.”

Although they all pursued different career paths, these graduates all share a diploma. “ you have achieved the mission the school district and the school have set forth,” said Debra McCormick, administrative assistant to the Principal. “For me it means that you have hopefully embody our core values and we’ve empowered you to lead a powerful and successful life.”

 Ashley Larrison


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HR Grads, where are they now?