Santa Claus is coming to town


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Every Christmas children wait anxiously for the fat, white bearded man and his reindeer. Well behaved children who are waiting for their gifts, leave milk and cookies for Santa. Santa Claus, who comes down the chimney with gifts for every kid, is still a myth to people.

What most people don’t know is that the story started with Saint Nicholas of Bari, who was born in Turkey during the fourth century. Nicholas was born into a wealthy family. When young Nicholas lost his parents and inherited their fortune, he decided to give it all to people in need and to pursue the priesthood. Saint Nicholas died on December 6th, 345 A.D ; due to his death’s proximity with Christmas, the Catholic Church decided he was going to be the image of Christmas: a man who give gifts and candy to children.

Nowadays Santa’s story has changed a lot. Saint Nicholas was tall and skinny, but it has changed over the years after an English writer imagined a modern Santa in a poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. According to (in English, today’s Santa is also Coca-Cola’s fault, as they hired a cartoonist to make him closest in characteristics to a grandpa.

The myth about Santa Claus said that Santa comes to every kid’s house in his sled pulled by his eight reindeers: Donner, Dancer, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, Prancer, Dasher and Vixen. Rudolf is the 9th and most famous reindeer. Rudolph is younger than the other reindeers; He is very popular, due to its red nose. Santa comes down the chimney with the kid’s gift, place it under the Christmas tree and go to the next kid’s house.

In theory it’s impossible for Santa to go around the world giving gifts to children. There is not a flying reindeer species known, and Santa only has 31 hours of Christmas Eve, which means he only has a millisecond to go to each child’s house, go down the chimney, place the gift under the Christmas tree, and leave.

Although theoretically it’s impossible, people thinks it’s all in the magic. “Santa’s spirit is what matters, I do believe in it,” said Mrs. Leslie Jarrett, math teacher. Many children, even adults have a certain love for Christmas. “Santa brings happiness to my daughter and to me too” said Christina Stragey, the school nurse.

No matter where you live, what color you are or what religion you follow, this time of the year inspires holiday spirit. “St. Nick lived once, he still lives in our hearts” said Sophia Eim, HR freshman.


Guest Reporter: Laura Carranza