“Frankenstein” newly revived at HR

Frank Walley as Frankensteins monster

Frank Walley as Frankenstein’s monster

Frank Walley as Frankenstein's monster
Tom Russo as Frankenstein’s monster. Photo Co: Mikayla Rust

  When people hear the word Frankenstein, they get a clear picture in their heads: a green skinned, box-headed giant of a monster wreaking havoc on villages. Will Klundt, theater teacher, has different plans for his recent production of Frankenstein, though. “Viewers can expect to see something that they wouldn’t expect. This production of Frankenstein has a new perspective. This interpretation is not what is initially expected when people hear the word Frankenstein. Expect to see something new,” said Klundt.

  This production of Frankenstein is an adaption of Mary Shelley’s novel, but it has quite a few differences from the original text. “This play is like no other Frankenstein,” said sophomore Brooke Guard, assistant stage manager.

  There are several reasons why the theatre chose to perform this play. One of those is the uniqueness of the script. “There’s hundreds of reasons why we chose to make this production. I try to balance all the shows. Frankenstein is a guy heavy, contemporary, dramatic play with a lot of characters, which is good for any high school play. I’m passionate about this script. The language is beautiful; the themes are interesting and relevant,” said Klundt.

Frank Walley as Frankenstein's monster. Photo Co: Mikayla Rust
Frank Walley as Frankenstein’s monster. Photo Co: Mikayla Rust

  The school’s theater has put a lot of effort into this production. “Most plays take about six weeks of rehearsal,” said Klundt. “We do a lot of work in discussions of character backgrounds and depth of expression.”

  Theater is pushing for a higher attendance to this production. “We are all working really hard on this, and we’d like it if as many people as possible could come,” said Guard. “It’s going to be something we’ve never done, in a way Frankenstein is usually never done. Theater is reaching out to the community,” said Klundt.

  Frankenstein is free to the public and is playing on November 21, 22, and 23.

Tom Russo as Frankenstein and Frank Walley as Frankenstein's creature. Photo Co: Mikayla Rust
Tom Russo as Frankenstein and Frank Walley as Frankenstein’s creature. Photo Co: Mikayla Rust

Mikayla Rust, Editor in Chief