Falcon football players work hard to play hard


JV football team supports varsity team on the field dressed in varsity uniform.                                       Photo Co: Caitlyn Tsukamoto

    Football season is just around the corner and the Highlands Ranch student body and faculty are optimistic about this season. “If the spirit of the school is right, I think there will be a lot of support for the team this year,” said Bob MacArthur, science teacher. “Teams with players of all four classes will attract a lot of people from all the classes.” There was a large turnout at the scrimmage against Fairview on Friday, August 28th. Throughout the scrimmage, the crowd, students and parents included, were cheering on the JV and varsity teams with enthusiasm. Student Jake Thames senior said, “There will definitely be a lot of people at Rock Canyon games because they’re our biggest rival.”

  Like the students, coaches and players are optimistic about this season as well. “Most of last year’s freshmen have become varsity players this year,” Mark Robinson, head coach, said. “The sophomores are very talented.” Last year’s freshman team played out the season undefeated. “We have some really good players on both Varsity and JV this year, meaning a great season,” Mason D’Alessio, Sophomore said.

  At the scrimmage, it was clear the amount of hard work the players and coaches had put into the program over the summer. The players were running fast and hard and they were gaining lots of yards each play. The players were competitive and ready to win, showing that by their sweat and panting. Practice for every player begins at zero hour from 6:30am to 7:30am, lifting in the weight room. Practice continues on the field after school from 3pm to 6:30pm every day.

  According to Coach Robinson, the team has made a lot of changes to weight lifting, plays, defense, and even discipline.“The team has fresh talent, new starters, and a great new mentality,” Ray Robinson, sophomore said about the changes to the team.

  During the scrimmage the team’s hard work showed: both JV and Varsity teams won. The student body showed lots of support as did the team, during the Varsity scrimmage all players were down on the field suited up in Varsity uniform in support of their team.  “The team has a much better attitude this year, we’re more positive and confident and we want to just get out there and win,” Aidan Cox, sophomore said.

Caitlyn Tsukamoto, Staff reporter