Season B sports face COVID-19 restrictions

Season B sports face COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions have led to the postponement of the typical Douglas County winter sports season. These restrictions have created what is now called Season B. Season B consists of wrestling, boys and girls basketball, girls swim, and ice hockey. This season started on January 25, and will be followed by Season C (field hockey, gymnastics, boys soccer, and girls volleyball) which starts on March 1.

Not only has the season been postponed and shortened, but spectator attendance has also been limited, with players only being allowed two guests per person. As well as the mask requirement during most competitions, including basketball games. Jacob Jones, junior and varsity basketball player, said, “In games, we have to social distance on the bench and wear masks over the nose the entire time.” Players are also limited to playing only 76 total quarters in the season. 

The absence of fans, although it does not directly affect the game, it does affect the environment around it, according to Jones. In an effort to keep morale and motivation high, the athletic department began selling Fatheads for $10 to fill the bleachers. 

COVID-19 restrictions also affected poms performances. With limited fans to perform for, the poms team faces performance restrictions. Kristin Anderson, junior and poms dancer, said, “We do halftime and that’s it. No sidelines or beginning of the game cheering.”

  While other sports are required to wear masks during their games, swimming does not. “We have to get our temperature taken up until we get into the pool,” said Eliza Nollsch, junior and varsity swim athlete. “I don’t think we are at a higher risk, because we wear our masks until we get into the pool, and while were swimming we aren’t super close to each other anyways.” For district swim meets no parents or spectators are allowed. Only the teams, both team’s staff, and the home team’s parent volunteer timers are allowed, as well as the officials.

“We’re not sure if we can still have our season if the school closes again. I hope we can, but for now I’m just hoping we don’t get to that,” said Nollsch.

Eliza Nollsch, junior and varsity swim athlete competes in the breaststroke. Photo courtesy of Kim Bartels

According to CHSAA, ice hockey is allowed a maximum of 13 games in the regular season. According to the CHSAA website, “Non-League games must be within geographic region and receive written approval from the CHSAA Assistant Commissioner overseeing Ice Hockey” and “Schools must play 12 of their 13 regular season games against league opponents”. 

Even with athletic restrictions, teams and athletes have found a way to stay positive. Nollsch said, “Having no fans has definitely been hard because my dad loves to come to my meets and support me, but he hasn’t been able to. It just makes it that much more important for us as a team to cheer each other on so we can all do our best.”

Infographic by Isabella Bogo

 Isabella Bogo, Staff Reporter