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February 12, 2024
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Staying organized in the age of remote learning


Staying organized during a normal year is already hard enough, but staying organized with remote learning seems even harder. There are so many more things to distract you, and it just feels like staying on top of things is harder now, especially compared to when we were on the hybrid schedule. By using these three major tips, you should feel more organized and prepared for school.

Tip #1 – Written Record

A tip you can use is keeping a written record of all of your assignments. By keeping track of what work needs to be done, and when you need to get work done, you can more effectively manage your time. 

According to Katie Azevedo, private coach and creator of SchoolHabits YouTube channel,

“Most schools have some sort of Google Classroom, Canvas or Blackboard system that lists all your assignments. But those systems are only as good as the information put into them. In other words, not all teachers use those systems consistently–not all teachers upload all the assignments into those platforms… You need a visible and simple system that you are in charge of. That would be an old-school assignment notebook or planner of sorts.”

Katie Azevedo

Tip #2 – Stay ahead

Another tip is to stay ahead of the clock. While there might not be much clock left in the first semester, you might want to employ this strategy during the second semester. By giving yourself more time, you can better react to sudden changes or an overload of work. But, breaking a procrastination habit can be very difficult.

“The first step to overcoming procrastination is to recognize that you’re doing it. Then, identify the reasons behind your behavior and use appropriate strategies to manage and overcome it.”

Mind Tools Content team

Tip #3 – Workspace

The biggest tip to take away from this article is that you need to set aside a specific place to be your designated work zone. This will help you focus, and it will help you complete the work you need to do. 

Photo Courtesy Of Wikimedia Commons

“Having a specific, well-organized workspace can help your mind focus whenever you sit down to work. This space should be quiet and free of distractions, if possible.”

Villanova University

These tips should be able to help you out as we enter our final week of the semester, and potentially staying remote for the start of the second semester. Hopefully, you are able to succeed by using these tips!

Anthony Kargoll, Podcast Editor

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Staying organized in the age of remote learning