Unfriendly review

Unfriendly review

“Online your memories last forever. But so do your mistakes.”

A scene from the movie trailer. PhotoCo: https://recodetech.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/unfriended-google-hangout.png

MTV’s upcoming movie, Unfriended, is a film that shadows a Skype commerical. The story centers around a girl named Laura Barns, who committed suicide after a harsh amount of online bullying.

One night, Laura decided to attend a party, and a video of her drunken self was posted online. She was instantly ridiculed because in high school this is an incredibly rare thing, and six people in particular attacked her most. After three days, Laura decides to kill herself in a public park.

The horror begins as the six friends begin a group chat, and an uninvited guest begins to threaten them on the anniversary of Laura’s death. Glitches and metallic audio create a sense of modern horror, where the scariest part of the trailer is how nicely skype works.

The friends are not allowed to leave or log out from the chat, or else someone would die. Realistically, everyone would laugh and log off and die. But these teens decide to stay, thus making the movie longer.

“It’s a whole new genre of horror,” says a review from shocktilyoudrop.com, as shown in the trailer. A comment similar to going “Wow, it looks unique,” to a child’s vague drawing of a tree.

So get ready for April 17, 2015, which is when this much anticipated movie comes out in theaters.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter