An age of gifts

An age of gifts

It’s that chaotic and beautiful time of year where people who celebrate these seasonal holidays have to consider what is the best gift to give loved ones. After some research, I found the perfect gift to give someone per age group.

Preschool: The big thing with these kids is new toys. Drew, age four, said, “I want new toys, a remote control car, and a batman suit.” It’s fairly easy to find these things on a low budget at Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.

Elementary school:
Top-selling toys are dolls/action figures, according to Amazon. Bestselling at Target this year is LEGO sets of all varieties. This gives you many options for any price range with many locations with these products (ex: Amazon/Target/Walmart)

Middle school:
According to Amazon’s top sellers, for middle schoolers, it’s better to lean towards technology, unique socks, video games (ex: Xbox/PlayStation), and engineering kits. Though these sound fairly obscure, they can be found at most stores with a toy section.

High school:
Most high schoolers lean more toward jewelry, gift cards, and technology, according to Amazon. As a side note, I think we can all agree that we would also appreciate having some extra cash available.

College Students:
The best gift you can give a college student is cash. As a side note, according to Amazon, snacks for stacking up dorms have also been in high demand in the past.

The way to go for your parents is custom and sentimental. Think paintings, cards, and overall just something that will be meaningful to them.

Local grandparents Mike DeBruin and Jan DeBruin said, “The best gift we can get is something personal and handmade, or you can do our yard work for us.” Clearly, manual labor and sentimental gifts are the way to our grandparent’s hearts.

Feature image courtesy of Annie Spratt
Photos in story by Evelyn Wardell

All in all this season takes some time out of your day to make/find something that will remind those around you that even though the holidays may look different this year you are still there for each other.

Evelyn Wardell, Staff Reporter

*In the interest of full disclosure, the DeBruins are the reporter’s grandparents.