Bad drivers get the boot

Bad drivers get the boot


HR is introducing a new method of deterring unsafe parking. As of this month, the school will use wheel immobilizers on cars of drivers breaking the rules.

This new policy has been controversial amongst students, but principal Jerry Goings is confident that it will have a positive impact.

“Many times we do things to protect the rights and privileges of all people and all students. We have students that are doing things correctly; they park in the right spots, they pay the fifty dollars for their parking passes. We feel everybody should do that,” said Goings.

The wheel immobilizer will be placed on cars after the driver has received four tickets. After being placed on the car, the “boot” will only be removed after all fees are paid off. “Mrs. Fine keeps track of the parking tickets. Once someone has exceeded three, they get the boot,” said lead security guard, Busche.

“We have no way of getting them to understand that they need to do something about it. Other places will tow people when they’re doing the wrong thing in the parking lot; when we are enforcing the rules of the parking lot or anywhere else, we are protecting the rights of all the kids,” said Goings.

There are several actions that will cause a driver to be ticketed. “Parking without a permit, or parking in illegal spots like the visitor lot of the staff lot will get you a ticket,” said Busche.

Some students agree with this policy: “I would feel bad for parking without paying since others have to,” said Esmerelda Gonzoles, senior.

“Once we start doing this, we think it will be a huge deterrent, but we hope we rarely have to use it,” said Goings.

Mikayla Rust, Editor-in-Chief