Have you ever thought of being a goat?


Title page of the game. PhotoCo: http://coffeestainstudios.com/games/goat-simulator

 A review on Goat Simulator

Title page of the game. PhotoCo: http://coffeestainstudios.com/games/goat-simulator
Title page of the game.
PhotoCo: http://coffeestainstudios.com/games/goat-simulator

Did you ever want to be a goat? How about having a laugh with friends? Well, Goat Simulator might be for you!

Goat Simulator is a simulator of you being a goat, but this is not just a normal goat. You can do many things in the game, many being things real goats can not accomplish.

The general idea behind Goat Simulator is simple: players take control of a goat in a small suburban town and are given the freedom to do whatever they want. This goat can jump, lick, do tricks, head butt, sprint, and of course “baa”.

The best way to describe this game is aimless. You will get a different experience every time.

Many people like the game, because Steam alone had 22,205 positive reviews out of 26,308. Meaning 84% of the reviews were positive.

The game is much better than when it started; now there is DLC (Downloadable content), like Goat MMO. This turned Goat Simulator into a massive multiplayer online game full of bots spamming the chat channel, like any massive multiplayer online game(MMO).

Eurogamer, a video game critic, wrote, “There are plenty of games which cost more and entertain far less, so while Goat Simulator is a joke, it’s at least one in which the player is a willing participant. No kidding.”

I started playing and did random things: I head-butted people, played a in-game arcade game called flappy goat, flew, licked stuff, etc. This went on for an hour. Then two. When I looked at the clock, I had no idea so much time had passed.

This game has many player made mods(Modifications) for the game, like various skins (What your character looks like) and maps. For example, on Steam there is a total of four pages full of mods.

Overall, the game costs ten dollars for a some laughs. This is the type of game to play with friends and pick up when you are bored. I do not fully regret my decision to buy this game. So if you want to buy a game to play when friends come over or you are by yourself, I suggest Goat Simulator. I would give this game 3.4/5 stars due to the actual game play.

Jordan Rust, Staff Reporter