Insight into the 2020 Falcon football season


COVID-19 has taken its toll on various sports and activities, either delaying or cancelling them altogether. In a turn of events, Douglas County School District decided that it was up to the school whether or not they were to participate in fall sports. This allowed for the football team to participate in a delayed and shortened season with a total of 6 games, but a season nonetheless.

Although the HR football team participated in the 2020 fall season, precautions must be taken. Per guidelines, the team must follow certain procedures to maintain the safety of the players. Taylor Johnson, junior, said, “We have to check in and get our temperature checked before each practice as well as get checked for COVID-19 symptoms. We also have to wear masks when our helmets are off.”

With the delay of the season, the football teams didn’t have a summer camp or any preseason practices. However, most players said that they took advantage of the time available during quarantine to get in better shape and focus on football by meeting up for student run practices and individual workouts. Johnson said, “It gave us more time to get better because of the delayed season and quarantine.”

The new coach was promoted following the resignation of previous head coach, Coach Rubley. The new head coach, Coach Tyson Lundquist, was previously the outside receiver coach. Although this may seem like a reason for an unsettled team, his previous experience and established connection with the players aided in a smooth transition.  

Andy Thompson, junior, said, “We haven’t really been focusing on the coaching changes. We have been focused on getting prepared for the season, because we have a lot less time to prepare and everyone on the team is just happy to be able to play football again”.

With a limited student section, interaction with spectators is limited. Mariah Washington, senior, said, “We [poms] don’t get to do sidelines in front of the students anymore and it’s kind of like we are not connected to the students and don’t get the real and fun experience of a football game.”

The HR varsity football team faces of against Rock Canyon, winning the game 41-10. Photo by Isabella Bogo

Despite a limited student section, the season is looking up with the varsity team primarily winning games. The current record stands at 3-1, with their most recent win against Rock Canyon High School. 

Following the game against Rock Canyon, a rise in positive cases led to the football team to be quarantined. Without revealing the identity of the student with a positive case, two emails were sent home to parents. One to inform the recipients of the positive case, and the other, sent to students taking classes with the positive student on Wednesday 11/4, to request that their child remain home in quarantine until the following Tuesday.

Two games remain in the season: one against Castle View and the other against Valor. Regarding the upcoming game against Castle View, it was rescheduled to Thursday, Nov. 19, due to the quarantined football team.

Isabella Bogo, Staff Reporter