The Colorado election 2020: long three days of counting Colorado’s biggest vote turnout in history


UPDATE: Biden is in the lead for PA and GA. GA is getting a recount but AZ and NV are also in the lead, so if Biden wins any of these, then he wins.

During a historical time comes a historical election. Voting is important, but it’s what you are voting for that is more important for your future. If you care about your future, making money, living in a house/apartment, or having children in the future, then this election is going to be critical for you. This 2020 election, as predicted, has been insane. Joe Biden and Donald Trump have entertained, terrified, and stirred millions of Americans with the biggest turnout in votes in American history.

With the country breaking so many records of voting, mail voting, and showing up to polls, Biden has now become the most voted person in the history of the United States. Biden and Trump are currently still battling over who is going to be the next president. Biden has already surprised the country with three potential flip states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona. Georgia and Pennsylvania are also very close.

However, in Colorado it is a pretty safe guess that Biden will win the nine electoral votes. According to The Guardian, Biden is beating Trump 55.2% to 41.1%. Douglas County is about even with Trump winning 52% to 45%. Former Governor John Hickenlooper is predicted to win a senator spot by winning against Cory Gardner. Even living in Douglas County, your vote matters. You have the commissioner seats like Lora Thomas who won 58.3% to 41.7%. Many Republicans have tried to exit places in Colorado like the Tri-County Health which are experts in fields like Covid-19 prevention. Thomas and George Teal seem to be putting things like 2nd Amendment rights and less taxes a priority than a deadly disease that is currently spreading rapidly.

Highlands Ranch had a poll open on election day. Dozens of other polls in Colorado were open as well. Photo by Peter Kannikal

Colorado has had an interesting ballot this year, with Propositions and titles like B,116, and 117, along with health acts 115 and 118, which are about health. There are many propositions that are going to fail, such as 115 which is aiming towards limiting a woman’s right to get an abortion. Historically these measures have failed from 50 years ago where Colorado became the first state to get rid of some abortion laws. Just this last decade, in 2008, Amendment 48 lost by over a million votes. This was a law that tried to define a fetus as a person. 115 is not going to pass since 58.7% of the vote said no. Propositions like these show that gender inequality is still a political issue and the propositions are getting shut down, mostly by blue states.

The Gallagher Amendment put the burden of property taxes on non-residential properties like businesses. This makes it difficult for small businesses to afford their taxes. Amendment B would remove the Gallagher Amendment and would restore balance to how property taxes are assessed. Most Democrats and Republicans would support voting yes because their ideologies of money would conflict with the Gallagher Amendment. It is easy to say that it will pass. The vote is winning at 57.4% and losing at 42.6%.

Photo by Peter Kannikal

There are amendments you have to read and understand closely such as Amendment 76, which is about suffrage and voting rights. This is an example where many voters don’t do something important. That is reading and understanding. Voting for something that you aren’t sure of can be crucial to the process because the design of laws can make you vote for what you don’t want. This amendment is difficult to understand, but essentially, it takes away the right of people who turned 18 years by election day to vote in the primary held in March. This simple change would prevent many young voters from voting. It is a small change that could affect thousands of young teens. This amendment is confusing because it’s a clear attempt to be confusing because it implies that non-citizens can vote, which they can’t. The vote stands at 63% on yes and 37% on no. This is disappointing because due to poor law making, many voters would get confused in understanding this law. If it passes, then thousands of young voters will not be able to vote in the next primary election. Remember that voting no keeps it the same and voting yes will make it change.

When you vote in the future, not only is it important to turn in your ballot but to know and feel comfortable with what you are voting for. Our district commissioner primaries are just as important as our governor primaries which are just as important as the president of the United States. Exercising the right to vote benefits you, your family, your city, county, state, and your country. This election was a record breaking turnout and this impact will make future elections more democratic.

Infographic by Peter Kannikal

Inside Highlands Ranch shows all of the volunteers working to make sure the ballots are counted and put in right along with making sure everything is fair. Photo by Peter Kannikal

Online Editor, Peter Kannikal