How student senate is working around a global pandemic


Student senate is a “leadership program where their main mission is to put together initiatives and events that bring the school together,” said Brad Odice, senate teacher at HRHS. In the year of 2020 that is filled with Covid-19 restrictions, how has senate’s mission been impacted?

Senate plans school events such as homecoming, prom, Wish Week, and a lot of other events that the school can participate in, about 10-15 events throughout the year. “I always look forward to homecoming and other school events because senate always plans the best things that bring the whole school together which is super fun,” said Gigi Vanvalkenburg, junior.

With Covid-19 restrictions, student senate is having to get creative and work with the guidelines that are in place. “Senate worked as a whole when Covid wasn’t around, whereas now we are separated into cohorts which makes it difficult to communicate with our whole team,” said Lexi Devon, senior and senate student. “We also can’t put on as many events as we have been able to in prior years due to the global pandemic. This has made it difficult for us to plan things that keep everyone safe while still experiencing the traditions that we usually put on.”

The seniors are in charge of planning homecoming and Wish Week. “With Covid, we’ve been planning a lot only to be told we can’t do it,” said Odice. “We’re getting creative. Next week is our spirit week. Our seniors have been putting together a couple dress up days for the cohorts, some decorations just to bring a little life into the school before we break for fall break.”

Students in senate dressing up for fall fest and working on putting posters for fall fest together. Photos by Amalia Sanmillan

As for what senate is planning on doing for now, a lot is undecided. “We are expecting a prom as of now. Also, very soon we are going to be doing a fall fest which is almost like a spirit week but will be based off fall because it will be leading up to fall break instead of homecoming,” said Brooklyn Rule, senior in senate. 

Senate is still keeping busy and taking time to keep learning. “Due to Covid, we have had the opportunity to do some learning about leadership, but we are now transitioning to looking at how a prom would be executed with all the restrictions put in place,” said Kylie Martin, junior and senate student. 

Student senate during the 2019-2020 school year. Photo Courtesy of Lexi Devon

“Nothing is for sure but a huge thing we’re going to be bummed about is if we can’t do senior parking spots. There’s a possibility it’s going to happen, but if it doesn’t, thats a bummer,” said Rule. 

As for what still has to come, senate will do whatever they can moving forward. “Expect us to keep finding ways to make a positive impact on the school,” Odice said. “We love to hear input from students and staff if they have ideas. Depending on how the regulations go with the pandemic, we’ll be able to move forward or not with certain things.”

Amalia SanMillan, Social Media Editor