We all lost: Why the worst debate in American history is a lesson to us all


The election is less than four weeks away. It will determine our stability and inner emotional security as a country. The U.S. will finally realize that this upcoming election is not about which person we like the most. It will determine who will do less damage to our nation. 

The debate that took place on Tuesday the 30th, as millions of Americans and millions more around the world were watching, was democracy being vandalized and stripped down right before our eyes. President Donald Trump’s performance was a disgrace. It doesn’t matter if you support him or not. He didn’t deliver to either side. Trump interrupted Biden about 130 times. That is a dangerous sign of our democracy.

There were of course many claims that Trump stated that were just not true. Trump also called his bleach statement in getting rid of the coronavirus “sarcastic” when it was clearly not when he stated that in a conference meeting on April 24th. Trump said he paid “millions” of dollars to his taxes. According to a document exposed by the New York Times, he only paid 750 dollars this year. The biggest fact check was when he mentioned that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, takes out “billions” from the mayor of the city of Moscow. Even Biden went a little unprofessional by calling Trump a clown or telling him to shut up. We should be doing that and not him.

I don’t want to fully spend this piece fact checking what our president was saying since he gets fact checked everyday from multiple sources. This was a spotlight that showed the true colors of this country which has suffered through a lot this year. The importance of voting and choosing leaders were highlighted that night on the debate stage, not just to the American people, but to the rest of the world. 

If you take Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s debates from 2013, they showed great examples of why we had these presidential debates in the first place. Both candidates showed respect for one another, and you as the audience ended up learning a lot from the two. I can’t imagine someone changing their vote after Trump and Biden’s toddler-like argument that we all witnessed for an hour and a half. 

These are very difficult and stressful times for every student, worker, and American that is struggling paycheck to paycheck. November 3rd is a very important day that will change the course of history whether you like it or not. This is already one of the most eventful elections in American history, and it’s not about the lesser of two evils. It’s that your freedom and democracy is being threatened right in front of you. 

Peter Kannikal, Online editor

Infographic by Peter Kannikal