What it’s like to work at a grocery store during COVID-19


   It’s no doubt that the world today is much different than the way it was just a few months ago. Everybody has been asked to remain indoors unless they have essential needs, and many non-essential businesses like hair salons are being shut down either temporarily or permanently. Grocery stores have also changed significantly on the consumer level, with markings being made on the floor for social distancing and store capacities being strictly limited.


   At the very beginning of the outbreak, when the fear was at its peak, there was a toilet paper shortage across the nation within grocery stores. People began hoarding groceries and most stores set limits per customer for items like toilet paper and food. Gavin Gardner, senior, is one of the many essential grocery store workers who have worked throughout this quarantine and he has seen first hand the changes that grocery stores have experienced from an employee standpoint. “Things have actually remained mostly the same,” said Gardner, “Other than us hiring more people and hours being a little busier.”

Highlands Ranch King Soopers parking lot. Photo by Zach Milone

   While things have changed drastically from a customer’s point of view, things have rather stayed mostly the same for employees. Social distancing regulations remain in effect, however, there seem to have been very minuscule changes to schedules and procedures. Could this mean well? Perhaps things aren’t as bad as we thought? Only time will tell.


Zach Milone, Staff reporter