Best delivery services to keep you safe and meet your needs

Best delivery services to keep you safe and meet your needs


   During quarantine, it’s sometimes hard to have enough food to satisfy everyone in your household without running out quickly. Most fast food places, restaurants, and small food shops are still open, but you can’t sit down inside. Instead, you can come in, order, and then leave, or use one of the many delivery services out there. 

   When using these delivery service apps, you have a couple of options for how you would like to receive your food when the delivery person gets there. For example, on UberEats, you have three options: they could meet you at your door, leave the food at your door, or you could meet them outside. Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub are examples of businesses that do have these options, but also restaurants that deliver have this option as well.

    “I work at Garlic Jims, and when someone is ordering for delivery, we have to ask them if they would like us to leave their food at the door or give it to them directly,” said Bennet Weddle, senior. The reason for this is no doubt for the safety of everybody involved during social distancing, and it is a great idea.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.21.27 PM.png
A few examples of delivery services to use during quarantine. Infographic by Mariah Washington

   Therefore, when deciding which one to use or which one is more popular, Zion & Zion has your back. According to Zion & Zion, GrubHub is the most used delivery site, coming in with 37.8% of users, the next most used is UberEats with 36%, and the third most used is DoorDash at 19.9%. Aside from knowing which of them is more popular, knowing which sites have deals is helpful when trying to save money. All three of these sites have deals every day; for example, if your order is above $15, then the delivery fee is free. 

   During this time, saving money is important to most people, so these sites having deals is in its own way helping a lot of people. Jackie Ocken, junior, said, “Since my brother has come back from college, we don’t have a lot of food that he likes, so the delivery services having deals really helps him save money for when he goes back to school.” 

   In all, the one that works best for me and that I would recommend would be DoorDash, just because they always have pretty good deals and have all the restaurants I could ever need.

Mariah Washington, Staff Reporter