Assemblies aren’t made for ditching


   The whole student body cheers as the student senate reveals the total amount raised for Wish Week. It’s one of the most exciting moments of the school year, but if a student misses it, they wouldn’t know how much money the school raised or how excited the Wish Week kid was or about whether or not the school is going to get the day off. This goes to show how important assemblies are to school life.

   Imagine if schools got rid of assemblies altogether. No one would know how much the school raised or what the dress up days for homecoming week are. The student body wouldn’t be provided with the information that helps build the high school experience. 

   Even simple assemblies are important to go to because it’s good to show your school spirit and support. For example, the seasonal assemblies that announce the sports and club achievements are usually the assemblies with the smallest attendance, according to Academic Entertainment. Even if an assembly isn’t as interesting as the Wish Week and homecoming ones, it’s important to go and support the school sports teams and club achievements, like at the seasonal assemblies, because it helps raise school spirit. 

   Some assemblies also provide students with fun opportunities like relay races and rap battles. Sometimes assemblies also include surprises that involve the whole student body like filming Tik Toks. Ditching an assembly not only shows that students lack school spirit, but it also results in students missing out on cool opportunities. 

   Assemblies are a vital part of high school. When a student ditches an assembly, it just ruins their high school experience and makes it obvious to others that they lack school spirit. Ditching assemblies doesn’t make people cool and it is disrespectful to all of the people that worked hard to put them together.

Carlynn Claypool, Community Chair

Spring Assembly with less attendance than normal. Photo by Carlynn Claypool