Three interesting slushies to try from Sonic


  Ever since the fast food restaurant, Sonic, added slushies to their menus, there has been an endless amount of combinations that you could try with the many other frozen drinks that Sonic offers. This makes choosing the perfect one difficult, but here are some interesting types of slushies to try for yourself.


  1. Ocean Water with strawberry

  This combination of strawberry with one of their signature frozen drinks is one of the more interesting combinations to try, since it tastes like any other slushie but with a small hint of coconut. When adding the strawberry into the main drink, you get a much sweeter, more natural taste in the drink because they put actual fruits inside of the slushie, which removes the artificial taste that is used in most other drinks. Andrew Sampson, sophomore, said, “The Ocean Water was one of my favorite slushies because it kind of tasted like Sprite but with coconut in it.”


  1. Signature Cherry Limeade

  Sonic’s main signature frozen drink, the Cherry Limeade, is probably one of the better stand alone drinks that doesn’t need any type of combination to make it better. This drink compacts more of the lime into it than the cherry, which gives off an extremely sour taste that almost completely removes the cherry from it. Although you can taste the cherry, it isn’t strong enough to linger throughout the entire time that you’re tasting it. The only issue I noticed is that when you first try this drink, the sourness will catch you off guard, but after drinking it for a while, you get used to the sour cherry flavor. Dominick Rael, sophomore, said, “The cherry limeade isn’t too bad. I thought that the mix of cherry and lime made it really good.”


  1. Cherry Vanilla Coke with Lime

  This combination is probably one of the better choices since it is simple but with a very interesting taste to it. The cherry vanilla Coke with lime has a perfect mix of everything- from the small hints of cherry and lime along with the larger portions of Coke and vanilla. The Coke inside the slushie starts off with a really good and strong flavor, but near the end of the drink, it starts getting completely overshadowed by the cherry and lime. The weakest part of this drink is the really small usage of lime, since I couldn’t really taste it when I tried the drink. Even though some flavors of this don’t really taste like they’re inside the slushie, it still creates the perfect mix and is a good choice for people trying out Sonic’s excessive list of frozen drinks and their expansive combinations.  

Jaysen Anderson, Staff Reporter

Sonic Slushies
The three slushies: Ocean Water with strawberry, cherry limeade, and cherry vanilla coke with lime. Photo by Jaysen Anderson