Taking the battlefield with books

Taking the battlefield with books

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The four members of Battle of the Books keep smiling during their competition on February 1st.

   Reading may not be a hobby everyone wants to take up, especially reading 10 books for a competition, but the members of HR’s Battle of the Books have a passion for it and got second place during the sweet sixteen at the competition on Feb. 1st. 

   Most people have heard the idea of Battle of the Books floating around, but don’t exactly know what it entails. In BOTB ( Battle of the Books) they read a total of 10 books, and how they pick them is each member would fill out a Google form to state their choice of what books they would like to read this year. After the top three books from each genre are chosen, then another form is sent out to vote for one book per genre.

   After they finish reading those 10 books between them all, they head to a competition. When at the competition, they have separate matches and do trivia on the books they read. After the final battles, they narrow it down to a few teams and pick the final winners, which was a team from Legend High School. 

   Not only is it exciting to compete, but they also have lots of fun at the meetings. “ My favorite part is the meetings we have on Thursdays. We get together after school and discuss the books and mess around, enjoying our time together,” said Cailin Alder, freshman.  

   The four students on the team are Kristina Captain, Emma Knezevic, Cailin Alder, and Katie Alder. Gina Bernacchi, the head of this team, is hoping to bring in more students who truly enjoy reading. “ I love this club because I just love seeing people who enjoy reading all different books and seeing all the friends that they make within the club,” said Bernacchi. 

  As they end this season with second place in the sweet sixteen, they are hoping to recruit more book lovers for next year and do better next year.“ It was really fun when we were competing because we got farther than ever before,” says Kristina Captain, sophomore.

  In addition to making possible life long friends and reading interesting books in high school, you can get into this at a young age as well. Alder said, “I got into a Battle of the Books in 4th grade. My teacher had recommended it to me since I enjoyed reading so much!”

Mariah Washington, Staff Reporter