Check out the scene in the literary magazine


Members of the Literary Magazine evaluate submitted pieces of work. PhotoCo: Jade Zimmerman

  Around ten years ago, HRHS had a literary magazine, but unfortunately the club was removed a few years back after the faculty sponsor did not continue to manage the magazine. But, recently Cassidy Sheehan, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, put forth the efforts to resurrect the Literary Magazine.

  Last year, Sheehan approached William Reinhardt to be a faculty sponsor  in efforts to create a Literary Magazine club. This year, her ambitions have come to life.

  “[Being editor-in-chief is] overwhelming at times, because you have to make sure that everyone is doing what they need to do, but it’s fun,” said Sheehan.

  The Literary Magazine is a “magazine of student work. Student artwork, creative writing, photography, or anything like that,” said Reinhardt, sponsor for the Literary Magazine. This year’s theme for the magazine is Writers of the Round Table.

  “It allows a medium for students to publish their works and have other students see what they’re doing,” said Reinhardt. “What I like about it is it allows me to see kid’s creative side, not just in English.”

  The upcoming magazine hopes to be distributed around Spring Break. In order to prepare for the publishing, Sheehan has contacted several publishing companies and calls for the students of HRHS to submit pieces of work.

  “It’s off to a slow start,” said Reinhardt. “I hope more students will submit more pieces of work.”

  There is a submission box in the library, an online site, and students can also submit their pieces of writing, photos, or artwork to Reinhardt in room 1310.

  “There has been some doubt that it might not come through, but it will. I’m sure of it,” said Sheehan.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter